Meet Naomi

I am a mother, a sister, a daughter. I am a doula.

I believe women can birth in their own power. I witnessed my first birth 27 years ago, and I assisted in my first birth 22 years ago. I continue to be in awe of this beautiful process. Through my own mothering journey I have been led to explore and connect with the ideas around mothering, family, birth, fear and empowerment. I’m especially interested in how we have arrived where we are today, letting go of past patterns and being in the here and now. Birthing is an act of surrender.

I am raising two amazing humans. I’m a vegetarian and yoga enthusiast. I enjoy the simple things in life and I try to get out in nature at every opportunity. Cooking soul food for others makes my heart sing. I am a qualified chef and I owned and ran my own restaurant for 14 years. I am a published author with another vegetarian cook book in the works. Being involved with my community feeds my passion for nurturing and connecting. I am deeply grateful every day for the freedom to work, follow my passions and help women to birth with joy.

In 2019 I earned my Certificate IV in Doula Studies from the Australian Doula College. Working as a birth and post natal doula feels to me like the culmination of my learnings about love, loss, surrender and how to live a full and passionate life. Sharing a birth journey is an enormous privilege.

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