Services Available

When you get in touch with me, we will arrange an obligation-free initial meeting to have an informal chat. Once you’ve decided on my services, I require a deposit to hold your booking. Packages are flexible; please contact me for details.

Birth support

Three visits with me pre-birth, establishing a bond between mama, partner and myself so that your partner and I are able to support you in all the ways that you need. If you are birthing without a partner this can be an especially nice time for us to get to know each other. Pre-natal visits include preparation for the birth, relaxation time, unpacking any fears or worries that you may have around birthing, planning for your birthing wishes, practical information sharing and thinking about what life will look like after baby arrives. I am available to you for the entire birth experience, including labouring at home (if you wish), massage, reiki, breathing practices, physical and emotional support. Two visits post-partum, to help as you transition into this gorgeous but challenging phase of being at home with a new born. Post-partum visits include a birth debrief and whatever practical and emotional support is required. I will be guided by the needs of your family. I will be on-call for you 24/7 two weeks either side of your estimated due date. Text and phone support also available during this time as required.


Post-natal support

Post-natal support can be physical, emotional, practical, informational. As a post-partum doula I will debrief the birth with you and your partner, discuss any concerns that you may have, assist with infant care and breastfeeding, practical household operations, help you establish a support network and find your tribe. My aim at this time is to smooth the way for you as you transition into this next stage of your journey.


Placental encapsulation

Ingesting the placenta in the form of capsules containing your own dried and ground placenta may aid in increasing the mother’s breast milk supply and keep post partum blues at bay. This practice is said to reestablish some of the iron lost during the birth process, increasing the energy of the new mother, aiding recovery and regulating hormone supply post birth. While this may not be a palatable idea to all new mothers, some women swear by it as a means of supporting post birth recovery. Around 100-200 capsules are returned from each placenta. I will collect your placenta from the place of birth and return the prepared capsules to you.


Mama Bird Foods

Creating nourishing vegetarian soul food to mother the mother post-birth so that you can focus on spending time together as a family, recovering, adjusting. I am a qualified chef and owned my own vegetarian restaurant for many years. I create a variety of individual meals ready to serve. Find me on Instagram at @mamabirdfoods.

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