Why choose a doula?

A doula’s primary role is to hold space for the birthing woman. A doula is a professional, non-medical support person who encourages the birthing woman in her confidence to birth her child.

A doula is comfortable with the birth process and works as a guide, offering end-to-end support as this journey unfolds. A familiarity is established before the day the baby arrives earthside which can allow a certain ease between the family and doula. Research shows that hiring a doula increases birth satisfaction and lowers intervention rates.

The doula role is not in any way to negate the role of the partner. The doula will be available for the couple and encourage them to birth the baby and transition to the next stage of family life together in whatever way feels the most comfortable to the couple. A doula can be invaluable to those women who are birthing without a partner present.

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